Biography - Cameron Campbell 康文林


We made the transition to photography In 2001. We bought a Canon G2. Later, we also acquired a Canon Rebel T2i, and a Canon 20D. We eventually replaced the G2 with a G7, and then an S100 and then an S120. More recently, we moved to a Canon 6D and M10. Then we replaced the M10 with an M5.

I like to take pictures when I am traveling. If I have an evening free in a city that I haven't visited before, I like to get out and take pictures. I actually have lots of pictures from trips that I have yet to upload, and I will be adding these older collections as time allows.

I enjoy taking pictures at night. Most of the time, the only opportunity I have to take pictures when I am traveling is in the evening, when I have free time. I'm inspired by Edward Hopper's Nighthawks, and my favorite theme is isolated, lonely figures in brightly lit settings in otherwise dark urban street scapes.

I do like taking pictures of deserts and other natural settings, but quite frankly, the results are not as good as what others can achieve, so I haven't been uploading as many of those pictures.

Using my photos

You can order prints, high resolution downloads, and miscellaneous items in most galleries directly from the website. The exception is that I do not sell any of my photographs taken on private property, including the grounds of universities, museums and so forth. If you come across a gallery of such photos which still has a shopping cart visible, let me know and I will shut it off.  No one has ever purchased any of my photos so it actually won't make much difference.  

If you are a non-profit, especially an educational institution or an NGO, and would like to use any of my images on your website or in print materials, please contact me for permission. I'm generally happy to oblige, but do please contact me. I ask that you credit me as the photographer.

If you embed one of my photographs on a website, please link to this site as well and credit me properly. 

For commercial use of these photographs, including use on a website or in printed material, please contact me.

Be sure to check out my sister's art.